XK A900 DHC-2 2.4GHz 4CH Brushless Motor 3D/6G System Airplane RTF

XK A900 DHC-2 2.4GHz 4CH Brushless Motor 3D/6G System Airplane RTF

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XK A900 DHC-2 2.4GHz 4CH Brushless Motor 3D/6G System 6-Axis Gyro Aerobatics EPP RC Airplane RTF Compatible Futaba


Brand: XK

Model: A900 DHC-2

Material: high-strength composite material (EPP)

Wingspan*Aircraft Length*Height: 580*434*130mm

Flying weight (bare machine): about 100 grams


1. Using impact-resistant EPP+ engineering materials.

2. 1404 strong magnetic brushless motor, super powerful. 1.9g high-precision digital servo, quick response and fast lock.

3. The aircraft adopts 6-axis gyroscope, attitude lock, 3D/6G mode switchable, suitable for flying in different scenarios, and more suitable for beginners to advance to practice flying. Air mode conversion, and both beginner mode and aerobatics mode.

4. The blades, motors, and wings are removable for easy replacement. The flight control system adds two receiver conversion sockets. 5V is suitable for FUTABA (S-BUS) J and other receivers with (S-BUS) ports, 3V Suitable for DSM receiver.

5. The aircraft has multiple flight modes:

  1) Outdoor 6G level flight mode: Take off by default into 6G auto-stabilization mode, gyroscope auto-stabilization, heading lock, which is  suitable for beginners to practice flying in fixed-wing mode.

  2) Outdoor stunt mode: After the plane is flying horizontally in the air, the button switch switches to 3D or advanced mode, and the plane enters 3D stunt or manual advanced mode (3D lock mode). Both modes can easily perform stunts such as somersaults, rolling death spirals, etc. .

  3) Outdoor one-key rollover mode: After the airplane is flying horizontally in the air in 6G mode, press and hold the roll button at the maximum for about two seconds to realize the airplane rolls backward automatically. Beginners can also experience the fun of rolling.

6. The landing gear is installed in the front and rear rubber parts, and it can be used for glide landing under special circumstances. It can also be used for outdoor glide takeoff and directly enter the fixed-wing mode.