About the owner Heather Gordon and How Xtreme RC & Raceways started

I started in the hobby by working as a teenager for my parents, George and Diane, at Pickering Hobbies in the early 90's. 


So we have a family history with our place, everyone knew my mom!

But we also have an amazing RC family. We are really proud of the community we have built in our area through events and races. Customers become friends and sometimes family.


Our goal is to keep it fun!

We even have rentals available for those wanting to try it out first.

It is open every day the store is open. We have various trophies events, point series races, and club racing depending on your interest in competing. Other days our track is open to the public for fun.


Xtreme has raised funds and food for various charities over the years. In 2019 we were able to donate a ton of food to the Simcoe Settlement House and this year we raffled off an RC vehicle to raise funds for a customer who had been involved in a life changing car accident.


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