Tekno RC EB410 Front Aluminum Stub Axles (2)

Tekno RC EB410 Front Aluminum Stub Axles (2)

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After undergoing several months of race proven testing, we are pleased to release the new EB410 Aluminum Stub Axles. The new axles are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, hard anodized for wear, and reduce the rotating mass as well as unsprung weight by over 5 grams per pair (over 10 grams for the whole set!). They are a direct replacement for the stock steel stub axles (TKR6573F) and do not require any additional parts.

Although these axles are tough, they are intended to be used for performance improvement in the highly competitive 13.5 4wd class and may not be as durable as the stock counterpart. If you are learning to drive 1/10 4×4 buggy or need to have the most durable vehicle, please stay with the stock axles.


  • Reduced rotating mass.
  • Improved acceleration.
  • Increased suspension efficiency by cutting unsprung weight.
  • Three locations for CVA pin placement, extending product life and value.
  • Over 10g weight savings when used as a complete set (Front and Rear).


  • (2) front CNC 7075 aluminum hard anodized axles.

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