SSD RC Scale Fuel Cell Receiver Box Set

SSD RC Scale Fuel Cell Receiver Box Set

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The SSD Scale Fuel Cell Receiver Box Set is direct replacement for the SSD Trail King, but is also a great way to add details to your build. Plus, there are multiple mounting point options in the fuel cell mounting cage, allowing this fuel cell to be used in a variety of custom applications. 

NOTE: For assembly instructions see Trail King manual in resources tab above - page 37.

  • Scale lightweight design
  • Injection molded in colored ABS
  • Direct fit on Trail King chassis
  • Multiple mounting options
Cage length: 62mm
Cage width: 51mm  (including hinge)
Cage height: 36.5mm
Fuel cell length inside: 54.5mm
Fuel cell width inside: 36.5mm
Fuel cell depth inside: 26.0mm

  • Red ABS fuel cell
  • Grey ABS outer cage parts
  • Hardware