ProTek RC 2S Slim 120C Low IR Si-Graphene + HV LiPo Battery (7.6V/5700mAh) w/5mm Connectors (Pending ROAR Approved)

ProTek RC 2S Slim 120C Low IR Si-Graphene + HV LiPo Battery (7.6V/5700mAh) w/5mm Connectors (Pending ROAR Approved)

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The ProTek R/C 2S Slim 120C Graphene + HV 5700mAh LiPo Battery is a great battery option for touring car racers looking for a lightweight, high capacity, low cg stick type battery. Weighing 240 grams, this pack is approximately 11mm narrower than a standard stick pack, and ultra lightweight. This provides a more centralized weight bias, with improved power to weight ratio and a lower overall CG.


When compared to standard LiPo and LiHV, Silicon Graphene cells deliver improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures, lower internal resistance, better run time, increased cycle life and increased voltage - but Graphene + 120C LiPo batteries take that a step further with more power and lower internal resistance when compared to the previous ProTek LiHV Graphene packs!

Lab testing has shown that ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene packs have double the cycle life when charged at 1C rates, and can be charged at higher amp rates, with less risk of damage to the pack. More importantly, the discharge curve is flatter, meaning the cells maintain higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle with no significant drop off. Additionally, when compared to conventional LiPo batteries Silicon Graphene batteries are lighter, providing a higher capacity per gram ratio. With 7.6V nominal voltage, 120C discharge ratings, incredibly high charge rates and ten different models to choose from, ProTek R/C 120C Graphene + packs are perfect for racers and bashers that demand the absolute best.  


  • Lighter than a hardcase 2S LiPo pack of equal capacity
  • Improved power to weight ratio and a lower overall CG
  • More runtime, with a dramatic increase in voltage and punch
  • Silicone Graphene can handle more abuse and deliver more current than a standard LiPo battery
  • Improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures, and lower internal resistance!
  • Increased run time, increased cycle life and increased voltage!
  • More capacity gram for gram when compared to standard LiPo cells
  • Perfect for stock class racers looking to shave grams
  • 10C max charge rates - 1C charge rate recommended for longest life
  • 7.6V nominal voltage
  • 5mm bullets and 5mm to 4mm bullet adapters included
NOTE: While these batteries are LiHV cells, they can still be charged the same as a standard LiPo with a standard LiPo charger. The overall voltage and capacity will be slightly less than when charged to LiHV specs, but the performance will be better than a standard LiPo thanks to the flat discharge curve, reduced weight and low internal resistance. When charged to 8.4V, these packs will still offer a noticeable advantage when compared to a standard 7.4V LiPo pack.