Pit Bull Tires Rock Beast XOR 1.9  Crawler Tires w/Foam (Alien)

Pit Bull Tires Rock Beast XOR 1.9 Crawler Tires w/Foam (Alien)

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Pit Bull Rock Beast XOR 1.9 tires are miniaturized versions of the patented Champion Pit Bull Rocker LT tires with RC Crawling enhancements added to make these the ultimate scale comp tire! Fitting in right between the Rock Beast 1.9 and Rock Beast XL 1.9, the XOR 1.9 features a multi-varied tread design that delivers great traction in every direction with serious biting across the footprint.

Plus, the XOR has many design features that helps to improve stability and control at speed, with a great contact patch. Excellent lateral bite - incredible stickiness - exceptional traction. If you are serious about scale competition, this is a tire that should not be overlooked.

  • ALIEN Kompound: They seem to get better and better as they break in. You can use them for your daily hobby time as well as competition.
  • Stepped lugs: Aid in lateral traction
  • Multi-varied tread blocks: Create an alternating biting pattern for maximum traction, especially in off-camber situations
  • Inside ribbing: Provides sidewall support and stability
  • Integrated Sidewall Protectors: Sidewall bands of rubber that add support and control
  • Over-the-shoulder lugs: Wrap down the sidewall and add extra strength & traction to the shoulder & sidewall areas
  • 4.55-inch Unmounted Diameter: 4.55X1.9-1.9. (Dimensions may vary depending on mounted rim width used)