Pit Bull Tires Dirty Richard Single Stage Foam (Fits PB9010) (Medium)

Pit Bull Tires Dirty Richard Single Stage Foam (Fits PB9010) (Medium)

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Pit Bull Dirty Richard foams are an example of Pit Bull's commitment to improving the performance of your crawler and making the experience more affordable. Over a year of testing went in to the development of the Dirty Richard inserts! The inserts are available in three different densities and are made to fit specific Pit Bull tires. Plus, they will work with other brand tires as well (Check Tire OD and Width prior to purchase).

NOTE: Typically, you want to use a firmer foam in the rear than what you use in the front. This will help to prevent the truck from transferring weight to the rear, causing the front end to lift when climbing obstacles or steep grades. Additionally, the heavier the truck, the firmer insert you will want to use. Package includes two foams.


  • Fits PB9010 PBX A/T Hardcore 1.9 Tire
  • Quality Foam
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Fits Pit Bull RC tires perfectly - so now you have replacement options directly from Pit Bull R/C
  • Available in three densities  - Stiffy: FMF = FOAM FIRM, Leaner: FMM = FOAM MEDIUM, Limp: FMS = FOAM SOFT
  • Fits other brands as well - insert measures 98x47.6x32mm