JConcepts SC6.1 Street Eliminator Wheelie Bar Kit

JConcepts SC6.1 Street Eliminator Wheelie Bar Kit

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JConcepts is on top of the Street Eliminator game by offering a wheelie bar kit for the Team Associated SC6.1. This item can be used on an SC6.1 as the intended SCT truck or converted to "Street Eliminator" vehicle. The wheelie bar kit contains carbon fiber rails, aluminum stand-offs, bearing holder and inner race support along with rubber sealed bearings and steel 3mm hardware.

This assembly has been designed to work with a 3D printed part available separately from the JConcepts Shapeways Store. The bulkhead skid (2714TD) for the wheelie bar is necessary to use existing SC6.1 parts along with the wheelie bar conversion parts to compete the assembly. The JConcepts item replaces the AE 71125 which is part of the rear bumper assembly on the SC6.1.

  • Remove the AE rear skid and replace it with the JConcepts (Shapeways) bulkhead skid, it’s no longer necessary to use the rear lower bumper brace or rear SC6.1 bumper. From there, it’s necessary to build up the wheelie bar by assembling 5 aluminum tubes to the carbon fiber rails using the 3x8mm BHCS. Slide the bearings onto the bearing holders and ready the inner race support for the next assembly.
  • The last aluminum tube is placed at the “wheel” end of the carbon fiber rails by using the 3x14mm SHCS through the assembled bearing and bearing holder sub-assembly built above. Before threading, be sure to place the bearing race support between the bearing race and carbon rail. Clinch down the assembly and confirm all bearing holders and inner race supports are built correctly and the bearings roll smoothly.
  • Now that the wheelie bar is built, attach it to the rear section of the SC6.1 and run the 3x14mm BHCS into each side on the top of the bulkhead skid. Finish the assembly by installing the two 3x8mm BHCS screws into the bottom position on the bulkhead skid. The angle of the wheelie bar can be tuned by changing the top position which alters the height. As standard, we recommend the 2nd hole out which should allow some weight transfer to the rear and minimal wheelie height upon acceleration.
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber construction
  • Simple assembly
  • Heavy-duty 3mm hardware
  • Compatible with JConcepts Shapeways items