JConcepts DR10 Brass Servo Mount Bracket

JConcepts DR10 Brass Servo Mount Bracket

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The JConcepts DR10 Brass Servo Mount Bracket was developed to add weight to the front-end of the DR10 chassis to help maintain balance, and improve forward momentum. The mount fits snug inside the chassis servo mounting area increasing the support while the 2 screw mounting locations are beefy in design and zeroed in for a direct mount to the chassis. The bracket has locations on each side for included 3x6mm set screws to help align and maintain servo position during racing conditions, crashes and hard hits. The set screws are intended to touch-off against the servo case and provide additional support keeping the servo in the intended position which helps maintain consistent steering trim.

The servo mount bracket can be installed without any modifications or additional equipment in DR10 vehicles and immediately brings peace of mind to the detail oriented racer. With a sleek wrap-around design, brass weight and etched JConcepts.net logo the bracket adds consistency, performance tune-ability with aesthetic appeal. JConcepts is, World Proven Innovation and Design.

To install, completely remove servo from vehicle and remove standard mounts. With the servo horn already in the correct position, align plastic shims as previously used on the servo. Install bracket to each side and loosely fasten factory mounting screws with washers into the 4 locations and snug them. Now, center the servo between the bracket and install the 3x6mm set screws on each side, use a light amount of thread locking material and snug them to touch off and keep the servo in place.

Completely clamp the 4 mounting screws on the front side to lock servo position. Remember to always use a light amount of thread locking material when securing steel screws into brass mounts. Reinstall the servo to vehicle and trim out and check EPA adjustments to complete assembly. 

  • JConcepts original design and function
  • Machined brass, wrap-around concept
  • Item weighs in at ~25gm
  • Set screw controlled centering feature
  • Aesthetic jewelry