JConcepts B6.1 Aero Rear Diffuser

JConcepts B6.1 Aero Rear Diffuser

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JConcepts B6.1 Aero Rear Diffuser. A rear diffuser is a huge part of 1:1 race car aerodynamic grip which has shown to improve performance. In off-road racing, ride-height, ground clearance and suspension travel substantially affect handling and are routinely adjusted to benefit one section of the track or another. It’s difficult to install low-mounted aerodynamic features because of the general abuse off-road vehicles endure, however, JConcepts has taken on the task to mount another aero option.

For the all-important balance between flat track tuning and elevation off-road features, JConcepts has moved the Diffuser into a higher position. The position, although not traditional, still provides affects of aerodynamics without limiting rear clearance. A rather tidy mix of diffuser and mid rear wing provides drivers another tuning option not available until now.

The item includes two pieces and can be fitted easily to popular vehicles like the B6.1 | T6.1 and SC6.1. Trim the part according to the cut-lines and using the same 3mm hardware on the rear ball-stud mount, install the diffuser on top and secure with the same screws. Be prepared, have the options and get dialed in with JConcepts.

  • Original JConcepts design
  • Diffuser / mid-rear wing concept
  • Radical, edgy design, compliments, Finnisher and Silencer body designs
  • Light-weight and durable design
  • Trim lines and dimpled location for B6.1 | T6.1 | SC6.1