Hot Racing Axial SCX10 Aluminum 4-Link Set (313mm)

Hot Racing Axial SCX10 Aluminum 4-Link Set (313mm)

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The Hot Racing Axial SCX10 II Aluminum 4-Link Set is for 12.3" (313mm) wheelbase Axial SCX10 vehicles. Add durability to your SCX10 by upgrading your stock plastic links with the Hot Racing aluminum link kit. The links eliminates axle wrap and unwanted axle steer, especially in high power applications. Check the wheelbase tech specs of your Axial vehicle to determine compatibility.

NOTE: Installation requires front and rear 4-link axle trusses.


  • 6mm diameter black anodized aluminum for ultimate durability
  • Replaces stock plastic links
  • Red anodized aluminum highlights
  • Includes installed plastic rod ends with aluminum balls


  • (2) front lower 4-links (122mm)
  • (2) front upper 4-links (112mm)
  • (2) rear lower 4-links (130mm)
  • (2) rear upper 4-links (122mm)
  • (10) lock nuts
  • (14) button head cap screws