Hot Racing Aluminum Short Rear Chassis Brace (Black)

Hot Racing Aluminum Short Rear Chassis Brace (Black)

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The Hot Racing Arrma Outcast Aluminum Short Rear Chassis Brace is an aluminum long rear chassis brace option for the Arrma Outcast BLX, Senton BLX, and Typhon BLX.


  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • Black anodized
  • Machined pockets and thru-holes
  • Replaces stock plastic brace to stiffen rear end
  • Fits Arrma vehicles that uses the short rear brace from Arrma AR320196 or AR320446 


  • Replaces Arrma AR320196 or AR320446 short rear brace
  • Known to fit the following Arrma vehicle numbers. Please check your vehicle's literature for the vehicle number. If a vehicle is marked as "optional", this indicates that the part and/or vehicle may require modification for proper fit.
    • Outcast: AR106021, AR106027, AR106032, AR106033
    • Senton: AR106007, AR102654, AR102673
    • Typhon: AR106001, AR106013, AR106028