Heng Long 1/24 M1M2 Abrams Tank

Heng Long 1/24 M1M2 Abrams Tank

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  • HL Tanks can move forward, backward, left or right
  • The scale is 1:24 of an actual tank
  • The turret can turn left  and right with a maximum of 320 degree and vertically 20 degree
  • The body will have a recoil and emit infrared rays
  • HL Tank is a replica to a real tank complete with realistic sound and movement
  • The frequency can be matched for multiple tanks in a game
  • Infrared battle function
  • Simulative engine start-up sound
  • Machine-gun sound

Included in box:

  • 1:24 scale R/C Tank
  • USB charging cable
  • 7.4V batter pack (built-in battery intelligent protective boaef)
  • Remote
  • Instruction Manual