JConcepts Dotek Drag Racing Rear Tires, Green Compound (2)

JConcepts Dotek Drag Racing Rear Tires, Green Compound (2)

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JConcepts Dotek Street Eliminator SCT Drag Racing Rear Tires is the latest wide-body tire design specifically for RC Drag Racing and Bashing - and it has tread! The standard 2.2 x 3.0” configuration has been stretched out to create a larger contact patch, giving the racer a slight advantage in the “hook and go” department. The Dotek tread pattern is well suited to dusty surfaces, concrete sessions, and bashing.

The low profile rear tire is designed to fit inside close quarters of the body while maintaining the crisp response of a race tire. The directional tire is marked by L and R on the tire for identification, with low-profile padded and intentionally carved areas to provide additional hang-up to lock into un-prepped surfaces where dirt and debris are found. Radial security on the center of the tire provides additional “beef” to the design to give low RPM burnouts more rubber to go the distance. Dotek have raised lettering which can be detailed for shows or displays, or simply left without for a more subtle look.

One of the tricky aspects to drag racing rear tires is tire expansion and controlling this aspect of power and acceleration. The JConcepts design team thickened the entire carcass, added inner sidewall ribbing on the inside and outside and an industry first waffle inner weight reduction pattern. The waffle pattern accomplishes 2 things, weight reduction and provides some resistance to expansion to split some difference between a heavily restricted belted tire and a tire with no inner structure. 

Another exciting feature designed into the sidewall is the ability to add a beadlock style wheel such as the Starfish wide beadlock wheel (JCO3415B). The rear tire has an inspired look with a wide-body footprint so the driver can feel the straight-line forward stability with very light rolling resistance. The 2.2 x 3.0" size makes it traditional in feel but because of its width, fits Mambos sized wheels (JCO3408B, 3409B and beadlock 3415B). The JConcepts tires include closed-cell, Dirt-Tech inserts known for their durability, performance, and consistency.

NOTE: Dotek tires are rated for a maximum of Street Eliminator 2S power only. They are not guaranteed against any running damage from extreme power situations from anything above and beyond the rating. The tires are not belted, only reinforced with internal rubber ribbing. 

  • Popular 2.2 x 3.0" bead diameter with Mambos width
  • Single contour thickened carcass
  • Inside and Outside inner sidewall carcass ribbing
  • Wide-body footprint for tracking stability
  • Low-profile, treaded pattern for low-prep dirt and debris surfaces
  • Center carcass waffle design
  • Authentic tire lettering with JConcepts logo
  • Available in green “super soft” and gold “all-performance” compound
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts
  • Massive and mean performance
Compound Applications:
  • Green compound = super soft feel, high expansion rate and recommended for cooler weather conditions with surface temperature range should be 80 degrees or below. 
  • Gold compound = performs in mild to warm temperatures and excels on treated surfaces with temperatures above 80.