Pro-Line 1/8 SwitchBlade M3 Off Road Buggy Tires (2)

Pro-Line 1/8 SwitchBlade M3 Off Road Buggy Tires (2)

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The Pro-Line SwitchBlade 1/8 Buggy tire is a unique Directional tire. Featuring different tread patterns on the outside and inside edge of the tire, allowing you to mount the tires in the direction that suits your current track conditions. One side of the tire has standard pins, which is ideal for loose or low traction conditions where you want the tire to add side grip and improve steering. When you Switch the tire to the other side, the tread is connected in a Blade that reduces side traction in high-bite or edgy conditions. The SwitchBlade is like having 2 different tires in 1!

The pin size and pin spacing of the SwitchBlade is exactly in between the Hole Shot 2.0 and the Blockade, so you know it will work in a variety of track conditions and is destined to become the new go-to race tire. The tread design also bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Hole Shot tread, but each lug is bigger, taller and more spaced out than the Hole Shot. 

Click here for Pro-Line Tire Compound Chart. 


Pro-Line SwitchBlade 1:8 Buggy Off-Road Tire



  • Switch directions to suit your track conditions
  • Great multi-track tire
  • Like having two different tires in one package
  • One side provides added side grip and improved steering
  • One side reduces side traction in high bite, edgy conditions
  • More Traction with Good Wear
  • Bigger pins with added spacing compared with the Hole Shot 2.0
  • Includes Closed Cell Foam
  • Made in the USA, since 1982

Height: 4.35" (111mm)
Width: 1.68" (43mm)


  • (2) Switch Blade Buggy Tires
  • (2) Closed Cell Foam Inserts